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The Stagecoach Shade: Versatile, stylish, and economical

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Insulate while you decorate!

This smart looking shade can be adapted to be used just about anywhere, from windows in your home, on doors, or even in R.V.s! The cordless design makes it safe for households with babies and small children, hook and loop tape makes it easy to install.

The stagecoach shade can be folded for different looks, or simply rolled up to open the shade quickly. Hook and loop straps hold the shade open at the top.

Functional Art standard fabric colors

"Tornado Proof!
.. you probably have read about the devastating tornado that hit our town. Our street was hit really badly. Only 2 houses are habitable, ours being one of them. Our home is standing but was badly damaged - siding ripped off, roof has holes and shingles torn off, 2 chimneys blown down, plus all of our trees are gone, and all of our front windows blew out. The (Functional Art Insulated) shades were down which prevented much of the glass from blowing all over the room. Even with the broken windows, which are still broken as I write this, we can Velcro the shades shut at night and have peace and quiet and darkness, which has allowed us to get much needed sleep and still feel cozy and protected. We could not have purchased these quilted shades at a better time. In my mind they have already paid for themselves. Just thought I would let you know that they survived an EF3 tornado and are serving us well!"

Janice M. - Monson
(Insulated Stagecoach shades - Velcro seal)

This shade can be ordered with either magnetic or Velcro seal on the sides, so please specify. The magnetic seal comes with a metal weight bar, which fits into a pocket at the bottom of the shade to rest on your window sill. For windows without sills, measure to the bottom of the lower trim on your window.

The Stagecoach shade can be mounted either above the window, for an outside mount, or inside your window, for an inside mount. If you need help knowing which would be best for you, please read our FAQ 'Inside or outside mount' under 'Choosing the right shade'.

non-specific measuring diagram

Please provide us with the following:

  • Measurement A:
  • Overall width of the window (to the outside of the casing)
  • Measurement B:
  • Overall height of the window (sill or bottom of lower sash to top of the casing)
  • Measurement C:
  • Inside width of the window (to the inside of the casing)
  • Measurement D:
  • Width of the casing
  • Measurement E:
  • Distance from the top of the casing to the ceiling

    Download a measuring form

    Useful downloads for Stagecoach Shades:

    Measuring instructions and worksheet - Measurement and quote request form for all styles - please print one for each window you'd like a quote for (265kb)
    Measuring for the Stagecoach Shade - Step-by-step measuring instructions for Stagecoach Shades (648kb)
    Stagecoach Installation - Step-by-step installation instructions for Stagecoach Shades (1.56mb)

    Proudly made in the USA

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