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Side Draw Shades: A Simple Slider Solution

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A quick solution to a drafty problem!

Sliders are a wonderful way to enjoy passive solar in your home-until the sun goes down. Stop that heat loss by installing our Side Draw shade over your sliding glass door, atrium door, or French door. Some have even used our side draw shade to stave off cold air coming in from a traditional single door! Side Draw shades can open to either side (please specify), or both sides, for a Double Side Draw shade. Our Double side draw shades even seal magnetically in the middle, insuring that no cold air can creep into your home.

Included with your side draw shade is all the hardware you need, as well as our track, which seals the shade magnetically at the top. Hook and loop tape on the sides allow you to mount your shades on the side of your trim or optional mounting board, and allow easy access for cleaning. Magnets sewn into the bottom of the shade hold the shade to the floor, providing you with four-sided air sealing. These fashionable shades can also be used over large windows, giving you easy opening without cords.

Please review our measuring and installation instructions for the side draw shade, and feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Measuring for the Side-Draw Shade

In order to determine which direction the shade should open, check the walls around the window or door for light switches, wall outlets, or other items that may interfere with the shade opening in that direction.

For a doorway opening, it is important that the shade is out of the doorway completely when the shade is fully open.

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Determining the "Stack" Area Required

The "Stack" area is determined by the shade width. This amount should be added to your width measurement.

Width (W)Stack Depth

See the chart to the right to estimate stack width needed.
Note: When installing center draw shades use single stack depth for each side. For example, a 6' center draw will have a 7" stack on each side.

Measuring diagram for Side-Draw Shades


Measure the Window or Door

Measure the height (H) of the window/door from the top of the upper trim to the bottom of the lower trim or desired length of shade.

Important! Add 2" to the above measurement (1" to accommodate the track, and 1" space below the track for the carriers to move freely).


Measure the width (W) of the window/door including trim, then add stack amount (S - see how to determine this at right) to this measurement.

Download a Side-Draw measuring form

"These are Wonderful shades! They are energy efficient, room darkening, keep the heat of the sun out in the summer, and keeps out the cold in the winter. I recommend them to everyone!"

Barb O, Western Mass.

Useful downloads for Side-Draw Shades:

Measuring instructions and worksheet - Measurement and quote request form for all styles - please print one for each window you'd like a quote for (265kb)
Measuring for the Side Draw Shade - Step-by-step measuring instructions for Side-Draw Shades (1.2mb)
Side Draw Shade Installation - Step-by-step installation instructions for Side-Draw Shades (2.45mb)

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