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Save money and stay warm!

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Who we are and what we do:

We make the most insulating shades on the market!

Functional Art Inc is a small Massachusetts company that manufactures custom made-to-order Thermal Insulated Window Treatments. We hand craft each and every shade to your specifications, sewing them one at a time, the old fashioned way. Our chief designer and owner, Michele Klemaszewski, oversees every aspect of curtain production, from the initial inquiry to shipping and delivery. Our skilled team or craftsmen and women are here to help you choose the right Thermal Insulated Window Treatment, so you can enjoy years of warmth, comfort, and savings.

Our Styles:

  • Basic - cost-effective problem solver
  • Stagecoach - versatile, stylish and economical
  • Classic Roman - our most popular shade
  • Wide-Pleat Roman - a good solution for very large windows
  • Side-draw - perfect for sliding glass doors and more
  • Custom - everything from special fabrics to custom-designed solutions

How much money can I save?

Drastically reduce heating and cooling bills!

Our customers have reported up to a 50% savings in heating costs after putting Functional Art Thermal Shades on the windows in their home. Some have even reported higher savings! It doesn’t matter what fuel you heat with, Functional Art Thermal Insulated shades will help cut your heating bill and make you more comfortable in your home, both Winter and Summer. And you don’t have to have “old” windows to appreciate the difference our shades make. Windows, no matter how new or efficient , are the biggest source of heat loss in your home.  Adding our five layer insulated shades will seal off any drafts and cut winter heat loss. It’s like adding two inches of insulation to your windows! So throw out that plastic, and get something that will add value to your home, look fantastic year round, and last for years to come. Our shades will reduce heat loss by more the 80% in the winter, and reduce solar gain by 79% in the summer.

Other Benefits:

When down, our shades are both room darkening, and reduce noise from the outside, allowing for you to have  a better nights sleep. You can also sleep better knowing that the use of our shades significantly reduces the use of fossil fuels, thus reducing your carbon footprint. And best of all, they are Made in America.

Need some help deciding which style is right for you? See our FAQ page for some pointers.
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How it works:

the components of a Functional Art window treatment

Functional Art Insulated Window Treatments are composed of a five layer system, designed to give the maximum insulating factor available in a window treatment. The sides are sealed either with magnets or velcro, depending on the style you choose. The tight seal is the key to stopping drafts and reducing heat loss.

The five layer system includes:

  1. Our top-quality decorator fabric
  2. Metallized Mylar with needled air-trapping polyester fibres
  3. Reflective polyethylene vapor barrier
  4. High density needled hollow fibers
  5. Moisture resistant lining

You can open Functional Art Insulated Window Treatments in the day to let the sun heat your home, and close them at night to keep the winter cold out.

Functional Art Insulated Window Treatments are carefully engineered to combat all four major causes of heat loss:

  1. Conduction is reduced by trapped air spaces between the fibers and layers of insulated fabric.
  2. Infiltration is reduced by the impervious polyethylene and tight magnetic edge seal.
  3. Convection is reduced by the magnetic edge seal.
  4. Radiation is reduced by the reflective metalized poly film which reflects radiant heat back into your home and reflects solar gain during summer.

What is R-Value?

The effectiveness of any material in preventing energy from flowing through it is defined in terms of R-value. The higher the R-value of a given material, the greater its insulating capacity. This chart illustrates some R-value comparisons.

Proudly made in the USA

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